Business Transactions
Brenda Feigen's practice involves the negotiation of many different kinds of business transactions. Her clients are diverse, some corporate and other entities; some, individuals. Because she is admitted to practice in three states and has arrangements with local counsel in others, Ms. Feigen's clients are not limited to residents of California. She gives both legal and practical business advice, where required. Her expertise ranges from employment contracts of all kinds to real estate transactions that require not only knowledge of the law but also a sharp business acumen.

Ms. Feigen recently was happy to accept the invitation by the Beverly Hills Bar Association to join its Business Litigation Inn of Court. She also is a member of the Executive Committee of the Beverly Hills Bar Business Law Section.
Brenda Feigen's corporate and business clients have included:

A Canadian production company interested in buying or merging with a Hollywood distribution company;

The Administrator of the estate of a well-known musician who wanted to recover assets owed the Estate, including copyright violations;

A nationwide, California-based company offering investigative, environmental and homeland security services;

A whistleblower who was employed by a multi-national jewelry company that engaged in fraudulent business practices;

The CEO of a high-tech company for whom Ms. Feigen negotiated a large, golden parachute deal;

A high-level movie studio employee for whom Ms. Feigen negotiated the renewal of her employment contract;

A Los Angeles television news anchor for whom Ms. Feigen negotiated his employment contract;

Several real estate developers and entrepreneurs; " A medical doctor for whom Ms. Feigen negotiated privileges with a prestigious hospital;

The principal investor in a film project for whom Ms. Feigen is brokering proper accounting and payment procedures to be followed by a television network that has used extensive footage from the client's film.