About Brenda Feigen
Brenda Feigen's unique background allows her a varied law practice.
Discrimination Cases

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Feigen started the Women's Rights Project of the ACLU with (now Justice) Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an experience that gave her the understanding, empathy and skills to work for clients in discrimination cases of all kinds. These often include claims of harassment, retaliation and wrongful discharge. Feigen also represents defendants in these types of cases when she feels that they are being exploited by unfair claims.

Constitutional Law

Feigen maintains a strong interest in constitutional law and has written and spoken extensively on sex discrimination. Until recently, she focused on issues arising from the same-sex marriage conundrum that continues to exist today in many states. She attended the 2013 Supreme Court hearings in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases. Ms Feigen is currently featured in the acclaimed documentary "RBG" now playing in theaters. See here for more information on that film. She is depicted in "Mrs. America" (FX-Hulu) that has been nominated for 10 Emmys.

Business Law

Feigen is on the Executive Committee of the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Business Law Section. Her practice includes general business clients, both individuals and companies, where being a talented negotiator is a must. Because Feigen’s family has an extensive reputation in art, Feigen also works with clients who both buy and sell artworks of different periods.

Family Law/Same Sex Marriage

Recently Feigen has written many articles and blogs about same-sex marriage and related issues, including family law matters such as pre-nuptial, co-parenting and separation agreements.

Firm Partners

Feigen partners with legal specialists and counsel in other jurisdictions when big cases come her way that require more hands on deck. Her private investigator, highly capable in all types of complex research, has proven to be an invaluable asset not only in finding and researching hard-to-gain information about all sorts of entities but also in assessing the "other side" in a negotiation, arbitration or litigation.

Recent Cases

Feigen is currently representing female dockworkers and Teamsters, as well as stuntwomen, all in sex discrimination, hostile work environment and/or sexual harassment cases. For the ACLU's press release about her dockworker case, please Click Here.